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Emerson Endures: Documenting Our Shared COVID-19 Experience

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My mother, Helen Virginia Gutierrez Zwick, died unexpectedly on July 17, 2020. Her cause of death was COVID-19 pneumonia. After an article was published in The Miami Herald profiling her career in social work, the German magazine Der Spiegel reached out to me for an interview. My mother was one of 50 people profiled internationally, and one of four Americans featured in the cover story. The article, of course, is in German. I received my complimentary copy from the publisher October 19, 2020, mailed from Germany. The sympathy card is from a friend in Toronto, who mailed me two additional copies of the issue. Wear a mask.


The culmination of the Emerson Entrepreneurial Studies (E3) Students' year long experience in entrepreneurship, showcases their video pitches for individual startup ventures developed during the program. This year, the annual pitch competition event was virtual due to the pandemic restraints in the U.S. and across the world. But that didn't stop the resilient E3 students from delivering creative and impactful startup ideas in a virtual competition. Watch the video with all the elements of what would have been the big event on campus celebrating student entrepreneurs at Emerson College. Cash awards are presented to the top three student ventures, scored by a panel of external judges. In Addition, one student is awarded a $1,500 scholarship fund, chosen by the E3 Program Director and Assistant Dean, Lu Ann Reeb and the E3 cohort choses the recipient of the Entrepreneurial Spirit award.


2020-06-12 - 2020-06-13

This video was created for my final project in Ken Cheeseman's Acting for the Camera class. It is made up of footage I took leaving my 3 week quarantine in Boston, briefly stopping at my grandparents' house in Delaware, and finally arriving home in Chesterfield, VA where I am now. The project was inspired by the limitations I have experienced in learning how to create film and most notably the restrictions on movement given the circumstances of quarantine.


A lab director at Brigham & Women's hospital, Melissa 'Lis' Gorman's hand washing protocol is so intensive that she moisturizes her hands every night after work to repair the cracked and dry skin.



An experimental short film/art vlog documenting the transition between leaving Boston and arriving back home in Tucson

2020-06-12 - 2020-06-14

This is a fiction story that I wrote for my Art of Fiction class. I first wrote a nonfiction piece about my experience at home during COVID-19, then turned that piece into a fictional piece. In the nonfiction piece, I describe how my mother has taken to baking bread, and in the second piece I turn this idea of baking into a crazy tale... I don't want to give away the ending! I had a lot of fun writing this piece, and it has been a good way to cope with being home during this surreal time. Writing fictional tales is like an escape from the current situation of the world, and I will be writing many more pieces in the future!


This is a stream-of-consciousness-esque poem that embodies the frustration I was feeling. People dying each day from COVID-19. Black individuals dying at the hands of the police. The realization that we cannot trust the government to make the right decisions to protect us.


Jim Hoppe, Dean of Campus Life, congratulates Class of 2020 seniors.


A nonfiction account of my plane flight back home.


A personal narrative on how COVID-19 has affected my college life and ELA experience.


Part 1) Is a 1st-person nonfiction narrative account of my experience back to Boston from Phoenix during this unsettling time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Part 2) Written in a fantastical alternate point-of-view that can read as “autobiographical fiction.”






About the Coronavirus


A fictional account of my plane ride back home


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