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EBONI Student Organization Collection

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In Folder: Emerson College Intercultural Student Affairs

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Produced by EBONI, this document includes the student proposals submitted to President Chapin, along with his response and details the events and promises made.


A draft of President Richard Chapin's address to the Emerson community about EBONI's proposals to the Administration.

Projected calculations for fellowships and scholarships for four academic years: 1969-1970, 1970-1971, 1971-1972, and [1973-1974]. Handwritten in pencil on lined paper.

In an 11-page letter to EBONI organizers, President Chapin addresses each of their 10 demands in detail.

Handwritten draft giving credit to the students of EBONI for awakening "our moral conscious," and thank you to Elma Lewis and members of the Black community outside of Emerson College.

Robert Hillman's clarification on behalf of the finance department on EBONI's financial proposals.


Professor Bender's letter to the Emerson College faculty calling for a special meeting of the faculty and Moonyene Jackson, President of E.B.O.N.I. to discuss "the E.B.O.N.I. point of view concerning their proposals" and "to discuss the future role of the Faculty in the governing of Emerson College."


Letter to Mooneyene Jackson from the President in regards to the three proposals not accepted on May 1st.


Letter requesting to meet with Mooneyne as the official representative of EBONI.


Letter from a student, Steve Aronowitz, to the president of the college commending his actions thus far as it related to EBONI's demands and a request that he not concede any further.


Recap of a meeting held by Deputy Commissioner Jordan and another officer on the procedures for student or non-student occupation.


Letter to President Chapin demonstrating support "for the manner in which [he] conducted the affairs of the School during the recent events."


Letter to President Chapin urging him to "grant amnesty to any and all persons, who have actively participated in trying to implement the proposals presented to Emerson College by EBONI"


Signed petitions to the president of the college from students identified as "Concerned Emerson students". The petition supported the president's responses at that point and requested that he not go further.


Signed petitions to the president, administration, and Board of Trustees from white students in solidarity with EBONI's demands and a declaration that they will not attend their classes until the demands have been met.


Memorandum on the programming for the Eighth Annual Cultural Week Program. The theme was "Toward Umoja: Meeting the 80's Together." The programming included performances on dance, music, theatre featuring Jennifer Alicia Cover, and fashion, as well as a keynote by Ivan Van Sertima.

Photocopy of a manuscript writing about a meeting on Wednesday at 4:00PM to talk about EBONI proposals. Handwritten content reads: "FACULTY MEETING, 4:00 pm Wednesday, Union #21, April 30, agenda: EBONI PROPOSALS."


Promotional poster for "EBONI Presents A Tribute to Black Men," a panel discussion featuring progressive African American men." Dated Thursday, Dec. 6, 1990.


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